Four questions for … a series of interviews is asking Canadian experts and advocates in immigration, settlement, refugees, and newcomers about their views on newcomer children (birth to age eight).
Each interview asks four questions. They are:

  1. What’s the effect of racism, discrimination, and stereotyping on newcomer children?
  2. There’s much discussion on integration of immigrants. What kinds of services or supports do newcomer children need to successfully integrate in Canada?
  3. If you could influence the federal minister of citizenship, refugees, and immigration to do one thing for newcomer children, what would it be?
  4. What is one of your favourite children’s books that you would recommend for newcomer children? Why?

First interview was with author and storyteller Rukhsana Khan. Thank you Rukhsana!
The 2nd interview was with immigration policy expert Andrew Griffith. Thank you Andrew!
Interview number 3 was with Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership Council Member, Dr. Elif Gunce. Thank you Elif!
Our 4th interview was with social worker, facilitator, and diversity consultant Ilaneet Goren. Thank you Ilaneet!
If you would like to be interviewed for this series, or know of someone who should be, please contact me:

sonia AT immigrantchildren DOT ca