Update: On new shores immigrant children conference

The deadline for papers has been extended to March 30th for Dr. Susan Chuang’s fifth On New Shores conference. It will be held October 25-26 in Toronto.
From the call for papers: “The goal of the conference is to bring together various stakeholders (academia, community, and governmental sectors) to collectively examine and discuss the various forms of social support (informal, formal) by families, communities, and governmental agencies to promote subjective and family well-being for immigrant and refugee children, youth, and families. Discussions of social capital and protective factors will also be addressed. Researchers from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, social work, education, anthropology, business) are welcomed. Community service providers and governmental agencies are encouraged to present work on research, effective programs, social issues, and challenges.
“Leading scholars from various disciplines will be presenting, including: Robert Bradley, Xinyin Chen, Catherine Costigan, David Este, Jo Ann Farver, Uwe Gielen, William Jankowiak, Deborah Johnson, Jay Mancini, Luis Moll, Felix Neto, Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Vappu Tyyska, Fons van de Vijver and more! National and local organizations will also be presenting!”
Submission deadline is March 30th. All proposals must be submitted to Dr. Susan S. Chuang by email (schuang@uoguelph.ca), accompanied by a ons submission form”.