The Right to childhood

Right 2 Childhood announces a conference examining the convergence of sex, violence, the media, commerce and popular culture and the impact on children. The Right to Childhood will take place Fri. April 29th, in Sydney, Australia.
Sessions include:

From the conference brochure:

The erosion of childhood is becoming a social and cultural trend of great concern to child development experts as well as the broader community. Commercialisation, sexualisation, body image dissatisfaction and over exposure to violent imagery are some of the key factors. A growing body of scientific evidence and expert opinion has transformed the debate about this trend into an important issue with major implications for mental health, public health, education and policy. The aim of this event is to provide up-to-date and authoritative information from leading experts, share initiatives and strategies to facilitate understanding and awareness and empower participants with practical skills to address this crucial social issue. The information in this seminar is essential knowledge for teachers, counsellors, welfare workers, health professionals, parents and all those who work with young people.

Dr Ramesh Manocha, Convenor and Chairman