The Liberal Party immigration plan

<An update for my blog visitors, Jan 24, 2010: From the stats, I see there are many visitors to the blog looking for the “Liberal party immigration plan”. I’ve been searching for some time now and even sent an email to the federal Liberal party last fall to inquire. I have had no response. Once I find it/get a response, I’ll be sure to update the blog here and on the main site (as well as through my twitter account)>.


“Immigration: Welcoming New Canadians for a successful Canada”, the Liberals plan for immigration, was released today and is also referred to in our ELECTION ~ Fall ’08 page.
The Liberals appear to be taking the same tact as the Conservatives. Maybe that’s why they didn’t vote against Bill C-50?  Seems to be agreement that Canada needs certain types of immigrants to meet Canada’s labour needs. Sound familiar?
Also, no mention of the family reunification aspect of our immigration policy. Here’s what is said:

“We need to reduce the current backlog, modernize our immigration system, and help new Canadians succeed once they are here. The result will be a stronger economy and a fairer country”.

This indeed sounds familiar. Here’s what the Conservative government said about the changes to immigration policy embedded in Bill C-50 (which the Liberals did not vote against):

“The changes aim to modernize Canada’s immigration system and shorten the time it takes to immigrate to Canada….The legislative amendments, combined with the 2008 budget funding, are necessary to better manage applications, to be more responsive to the labour market…”.