"Peel Immigration Papers"

In May, CERIS (The Joint Centre of Excellence for Research in Immigration Studies and Ontario Metropolis Centre) held a seminar based on research conducted in several areas, culminating in the Peel Immigration Papers. The papers include issues related to children and families. They are:

  • Meeting the human service needs of immigrants. Speaker: Sarah V. Wayland, Wayland Consulting.
  • Meeting the needs of immigrants throughout the life cycle. Speaker: Ilene Hyman, UT.
  • From generation to generation. Speaker: Michelle P. Goldberg, OISE/UT.

Wayland’s presentation provides an overview of the issues and makes recommendations for optimal service delivery. Hyman’s presentatiaon (developed with Judith K. Bernhard and Ellen Tate) closely examines the importance of early childhood education in their overview of the issues and in their recommendations. Finally, Goldberg’s presentation (developed with Sarah V. Wayland) examines supports to families and communities in the areas of: Academic supports; Emotional and social supports; Mitigating the effects of poverty; and Building community social capital. We hope that the full papers – from which these presentations were based – are also made available online.