Managing migration in the 21st Century: North America and the internationalization of public policy

The International Migration Research Centre at WIlfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario is holding a policy makers roundtable on “Managing Migration in the 21st Century: North America and the Internationalization of Public Policy”.
A description of the event:

International migration is a prominent issue both within and between western industrialised states, and it has generated a growing recognition that effective national policies require significant international policy coordination. In the North American context, however, the increase and expansion of joint efforts to manage this policy area have been (in comparison with the European Union) so rapid and relatively uncoordinated that neither their extent nor their implications have been adequately outlined, never mind understood. The sheer scope of these developments can be seen in the fact that they touch on all forms of international migration to and within the region – legal and illegal, permanent and temporary, family and labour, tourist and refugee. The need to examine the practical features of such policy change is underlined further by the fact that they raise vital questions about state sovereignty and public accountability, for example, at both conceptual and political levels in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

The event will take place April 17, 2009. Location still TBD. For more info, contact Dr. Jenna L. Hennebry,, 519.884.0170 ext 4489.