Conference & call for papers: Language and reading comprehension for immigrant children

The Language and Reading Comprehension for Immigrant Children (LARCIC) conference will be held in Toronto from May 27-29/09.
From the LARCIC website: “The LARCIC conference will center on four interrelated themes: cognitive and linguistic aspects, instructional/educational strategies, socio-cultural factors, and the impact of research in these areas on policy making.
“The conference intends to facilitate communication and collaboration between researchers,educational leaders, and policy makers. Researchers, policy-makers, educational leaders, and graduate students from different countries will come together to discuss issues pertinent to increasing reading comprehension and enhancing academic achievement among immigrant students at the elementary and secondary level”.
Information on the LARCIC website or contact conference facilitator Jason Wen at
Call for papers information found here. Deadline for submissions is January 8, 2009.