Canada in a diasporic framework

The Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies, University of Toronto and the International Institute for Diasporic Studies will hold a conference entitled “Canada in a Diasporic Framework: Future Policies and Agendas“. The conference will be held May 15-17 at the University of Toronto.

“The emerging field of ‘Diaspora Studies’ provides a powerful lens through which to view and understand the contemporary fabric of Canadian society and the opportunities and challenges it faces. In an attempt to proactively address these pressing concerns, the University of Toronto’s Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies and the International Institute for Diaspora Studies are convening an international conference to address the character, capacity and concerns of Canadian Diaspora communities, as both domestic and international actors, in order to analyse, understand and project possible outcomes of these vital dynamics forging twenty-first century Canada. Though focussing primarily on the Canadian context, the conference will also seek to place Canada in a comparative international perspective and to address diaspora issues pertinent to Canada, Europe, Australia and the US, among others”.