Call for nominations: BC multicultural award

The Nesika Award is a new initiative of the British Columbia government. “Nesika” is Chinook, meaning “we, us, our”. BC AG and Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism Wally Oppal says the term reflects BCs “reputation as a world leader in inclusion” (Source:, Feb 11/08 ).
The Nesika Awards recognize an individual, organization and a community “for their work in helping two or more cultures to live, learn or work together. Award recipients will be honoured for developing respect and understanding between different cultures. Their initiative sets an example for others, demonstrating the many benefits received when we live and work with each other“.
See the Ministry’s website for details, including the news release, nomination forms, fact/info sheets on the advisory council and etc.
Someone nominate an individual/group who works on behalf of immigrant children/families! Award winners receive a $500 donation to a charity/group of their choice.
Nominations close September 15/08.