Bernard van Leer annotated bibliography on social inclusion and diversity in early childhood

The Bernard van Leer Foundation‘s annotated bibliography of resources and publications in social inclusion and diversity is called “Valuing the Learning“.
The resource is organized in three main sections.
Section A: Theories, concepts and ways of viewing concerns with resources that mostly focus on theory and key concepts and include the following overlapping sections:

Diversity, belonging and positive identity, such as inclusion and access, linguistic diversity, relationships, place identity, self-image.
Children as citizens, child participation, the visibility of children, spaces for children.
Early Childhood Education and Care as democratic process and the relationship between ECEC and social inclusion, social capital and well-being.

Section B: Working with children, parents, early childhood practitioners and trainers includes the following:

Engaging, involving and listening to children.
Engaging, involving and listening to parents.
Changing attitudes, behaviours and structures and advocacy strategies. 
Innovative training and professional development.
Creating spaces to belong.

Part C: Information exchange and dissemination of information, including:

Communicating, through shared knowledge, conferences, publications, translations.
Researching and documentation.

Source: Kernan, M. 2008. Valuing the learning: An annotated bibliography of the resources and publications of the Bernard van Leer Foundation and its partners in the area of Social Inclusion and Respect for Diversity (2002-2008). Online Outreach Paper 6. The Hague, The Netherlands: Bernard van Leer Foundation.