AMSSA Newcomer Child Information Exchange e-Bulletin: Family Dynamics

The latest edition of the ANCIE (AMSSA Newcomer Child Information Exchange) looks at the issues, challenges and experiences of refugee families, their children and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the complexities of family dynamics. The e-Bulletin includes a case study, lists useful resources and offers strategies for working with refugee children.
ANCIE has produced 5 e-Bulletins now, including this latest:

March, 2010 ~ Trends in migration of children in BC
May, 2010 ~ English Language Learners
July, 2010 ~ Health and Wellness of Newcomer Children
Nov, 2010 ~ Refugee Children
April, 2011 ~ Family Dynamics

Downnload the PDF e-Bulletins from the ANCIE website or get on their email list by