2nd annual Metropolis research competition

This year’s Metropolis Canada research competition is asking the question how has large-scale immigration transformed Canada’s society and economy?
Some key dimensions of this question, relevant to research in the immigrant children and families area include the following (taken from the Metropolis site), include:

How has immigration influenced policies of taxation and the provision of social goods and services such as public education and healthcare?
What is the impact of immigration on Canadian social relations, including perspectives on family and friends, the discourse on individual and group rights, and inter-ethnic, inter-racil, and inter-religious relations?
What impact has large-scale immigration had on Canadian social policy, e.g., the choice between the state, the community, and the family as service provider?

Up to $125,000 for 12-18 months is available for researchers affiliated with any Metropolis Centre and a post-secondary educational institution. Here’s an opportunity for researchers interested in immigrant children and families. See the SSHRC site for details.
Application deadline is September 30, 2008.
For more information, contact the SSHRC Program Officer, Mika Oehling at 613.992.4227 or mika.oehling@sshrc.ca.