Research request: Peace Builders Research Project

The South Island Dispute Resolution Centre Society (SIDRCS) and Leadership Victoria are currently partnering on the Peace Builders Research Project in Victoria BC. This project is a joint initiative, which will result in curriculum focusing on conflict management, effective communication, and healthy relationships. This curriculum will be implemented with small groups of newcomer children (approximately age 6-11) beginning in the 2011-2012 school year. Some objectives of this research are:

  • to build greater understanding of the issues surrounding conflict resolution training for newly settled Canadian children,
  • to determine best practices for teaching such children conflict resolution skills,
  • to identify a firm foundation of information that will inform curriculum development, and
  • to assist in developing an inclusive and respectful Introductory Conflict Management and Communication course that will orient newcomer children to effective skills and techniques that they will be able to use regardless of language, cultural, and religious differences.

SIDRCS researcher, Anna Du Vent (MA, International Development Studies) is currently working as a community researcher to develop an annotated bibliography and series of best practices that will aid in the development of this curriculum. She is seeking resources or advice that would aid the project. She can be reached at .