Recent reports on immigrant women

Two recent research reports on immigrant women are:

Metropolis Canada releases Providing Services to Immigrant Women in Atlantic Canada: From the Abstract: “Immigrant women, like women everywhere, suffer violence and look for support to help them deal with it. This article describes some of the findings of research conducted in 2005 and 2006, which found that being an immigrant was a factor not only in immigrant women’s experiences of violence in Atlantic Canada, but also in their access to support services. Immigrant women and the professionals who provide services to them describe some of the barriers they face and conclude that fully funded and coordinated prevention and intervention programs and services to immigrant women are needed in Atlantic Canada”.

Atlantic Metropolis releases Integration Outcomes for Immigrant Women in Canada: A Review of the Literature 2000-2007” From the summary: “…a common thread throughout the literature is the centrality of care-giving or kin work in immigrant women’s lives. The majority of women come to Canada with their spouse or family, as family class or spouses or dependents of economic class immigrants and this has a direct impact on how to best understand immigrant women’s settlement experiences. The authors suggest that this experience is best understood from the perspective of their role and relationships within the family and that make her needs and barriers to integration uniquely gendered. They also suggest that literature about women’s integration should be examined from the perspective of care-giving or kin work as this provides for a more comprehensive picture of why immigrant women’s integration outcomes may be different from that of immigrant men…”.