Prairie Metropolis Centre research grants

The Prairie Metropolis Centre (PMC) is accepting applications for research grants for 2008-2009 from its PMC research affiliates. The PMC Family, Children and Youth Domain is described as follows:

“Immigration is a decision that is often taken not simply by an individual but by families. It is an investment in the future, both for the immigrant and for the host society, and often it is the outcomes of the children of immigrants and refugees or newcomer children themselves that are considered to be the best indicators of the success of an immigration or refugee program. Similarly, the outcomes achieved by all minorities – whether children, youth, families or individuals – are strong indicators of broad societal inclusion. This policy research priority will examine the consequences of migration to Canada for families, children and youth and will develop proposals for enhancing their success in the future”.

Deadline is April 30, 2008. For more information, see the PMC website.