On new shores conference call, Sept 30-Oct 1, 2010

NB: UPDATE Jan 19th: The call for proposals has been extended to March 10th.

The theme for the 4th annual On New Shores, Understanding Immigrant Children is resilience of immigrants and features keynote speaker Dr. Michael Ungar.

From the call: “The goal of the conference is to bring together various stakeholders (academia, community, and government sectors) to collectively examine and discuss issues of stress as well as resilience of immigrant and refugee children, youth and families.
Researchers from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, social work, education) are welcomed.
Dr. Michaal Ungar, Dalhousie University, social worker and family therapist, is a leading scholar on resiliency and will offer a half researchers. Other scholars from various disciplines will be presenting, including: Marc Bornstein, Bob Bradley, Judith Bernhard, Ruth Chao, Xinyin Chen, David Este, Jo Ann Farver, Cynthia Garcia Coll, Uwe Gielen, Hiro Yoshikawa”.

Options for the conference:
Paper Presentation: The presenter will discuss his/her work/program which is empirically-based. The talk will be about 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the number of presenters in each session.
Discussion Hour: Several presenters (preferably well-established) discussing their areas of expertise for 3-5 minutes. The purpose is to engage in in-depth discussions on a theme.

Roundtable/Workshop: This involves a more informal forum to explore and discuss the issues at hand. This would be led by 2-4 individuals/organizations and the number of participants would be limited to about 30-50 people.
Poster Presentation: The presenter will display their work on a free-standing poster board for the delegates to read. Informal discussions will then merge from this process. This forum is primarily for new scholars (graduate students) and others who may prefer this type of engagement.
Deadline for proposals is Feb 15, 2010. NB: Deadline is now March 10th. For more information, contact: Susan S. Chuang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Guelph, 519.824.4120 x 58389 or schuang@uoguelph.ca.

NB: See Dr. Michael Ungar’s blog Nurturing Resilience.