Integration of vulnerable migrants: An IPPR event

The Institute for Public Policy Research (UK) is hosting a seminar on the Integration of Vulnerable Migrant Groups. From the website, this description:

“In recent years, there has been considerable interest in migrant integration and social cohesion. Concerns have focussed on the scale of recent immigration, its impacts on social cohesion, and apparently ‘inassimilable’ migrant and minority ethnic communities. Migrant integration and social cohesion have been accorded high priority across all parts and levels of Government. Policy initiatives have been accompanied by a growing body of research literature that provides new insights into immigrant integration and social cohesion. Yet there still remains a pressing need to ensure that research on migrant integration is used to inform policymaking”.

The seminar will be held Nov 24/08 in London. IPPR often posts podcasts and transcripts of their events afterwards. 

We are hopeful that immigrant/refugee children are recognized as among the most vulnerable of migrants and included in the discussion.