on arrival to its 500th post!

the-arrival is approaching its 500th entry! To celebrate, we’re having a contest. If you have ever commented to any post on since the launch in November 2007, you are eligible to win a copy of Shaun Tan’s The Arrival.

All you need to do is add a comment responding to the question What do you think best supports the settlement needs of young children (birth to age eight)?

Is it high quality, early learning and child care?

Is it ensuring that settlement services promote and support home languages?

Are social/recreational programs the best way to facilitate very young immigrant children’s integration into Canadian society?

Is it a family-oriented approach, involving all members of the child’s family in programming/activities? Like what?

Or, something else? Let us know!

Post your responses and comments to this blog entry and I will randomly draw a winner two days after the date of my 500th post, and send off a copy of Shaun Tan’s beautiful book (via Canada Post).

Contest opens now! Don’t delay; reply with your comments today.