Demography is destiny: New report by Canadian Centre for Policy Studies

The Canadian Centre for Policy Studies¬†released a report yesterday, authored by James Bissett, titled Demography is Destiny: Towards a Canada-First Immigration Policy. In the report, Bissett, former Director-General of the Canada Immigration Service, outlines what he sees as the problems in the current immigration system and provides recommendations for improving it. He challenges the notion that immigration policy is not (good) population policy and allowing more immigrants into Canada will not solve the aging population ‘problem’ in Canada.
Does the report say anything about children? Yes. Bissett views the forming of ethnic enclaves as problematic for children and contributing to isolating children from (developing) Canadian culture:

“Children are being effectively cut-off from broader Canadian society, making the medium and perhaps even the long term prospect of successful integration much less certain. Strategies to encourage integration and assist in the process have not kept up with these changes”.

Some other comments on family reunification. Bissett’s recommendations include a call for a Royal Commission to examine this issue and – as he sees it – problem of integration. Other recommendations generally align with the proposed changes by the federal government. No surprise from the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies.