Child rights situation analysis

Save the Children, Sweden have produced a toolkit for organizations interested in conducting what’s called a child rights situation analysis – or, a way to collect relevant information, identify key issues, establish priorities to enable an assessment of what action steps ought to be taken to improve the lives of children.
Featured in the resource is child rights program principles – CRP. CRP outlines the relationship between the rights holder and the duty bearer. The principles include:

Children’s right to have their best interests considered as a primary consideration in any decision-making which affects them
Children’s right to the maximum available resources for their survival and development
Children’s right to have their views heard in decision making when it affects their lives
Children’s rights to be protected against all forms of negative discrimination and to be positively discriminated against when at a disadvantage, relative to other children
The duty bearer is accountable to respect and for the protection and fulfillment of the rights of the child.

Read about and download the toolkit from the Child Rights Information Network.