Call for presentations: Diversity and well-being conference, Calgary

The Calgary Health Region has issued a call for presentations for its 5th annual Diversity and Wellbeing Conference. This year’s theme is The Diverse Faces of Mental Health and will be held Nov 20-21/08 at Mount Royal College in Calgary Alberta.
The conference brings together health researchers, practitioners, policy makers and community members/organizations to share best practices in addressing the mental health needs of individuals, families and communities. The conference is an ideal place to raise issues of immigrant/refugee children and families and acknowledge/address the conditions under which they emigrate to Canada.
Topics welcome include:

  • innovations in mental health services to populations
  • mental health needs of diverse communities
  • the role of spirituality in mental health
  • the implications of current health policies and practices in diverse communities
  • incorporating the lived experiences of diverse populations in research and decision making.

Deadline for submission is June 27th 2008.

Contact for a copy of the application form.