Call for papers: Racism, immigration & citizenship in contemporary plural societies

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

 Call for Papers

What is the relationship between racism, immigration and the privilege and practice of citizenship? How might our understanding of the interactions between these independent yet overlapping processes enable scholars and governments to better comprehend political and cultural pluralism in contemporary societies?

These are the motivating questions undergirding the first international conference of the project on Racism, Immigration and Citizenship (RIC). RIC is a cross-regional, comparative research effort that seeks to identify both general and anomalous forms of interaction between immigration and racism, and their combined effect upon how groups and states shape citizenship laws and practices.

Some of the common questions we seek to address across cases are:

1) How salient are somatic differences within racial classification and codification across societies?

2) What is the role of citizenship criteria and privilege in perpetuating or eliminating racial hierarchy?

3) Do societies with jus soli citizenship policies exhibit fewer indicators of racial inequality than those with jus sanguinis policies?

We seek paper proposals from scholars interested in these and other related questions.  Proposals should include the paper title, the author’s contact information, and an abstract of no more than 300 words. The deadline for proposal submission is December 15, 2008.  Send proposals to: