Call for papers: Intercultural education as social justice

Intercultural Education, the journal of the International Association for Intercultural Education, is receiving submissions for an upcoming special issue focused on intercultural education as social justice.
Intercultural Education is a global forum for the analysis of issues dealing with education in plural societies. It provides educational professionals with knowledge and information to support their contributions to critical analyses and the implementation of intercultural education.
From the call: “This particular issue will focus more specifically on engaging in intercultural education practice that purposefully transcends heroes and holidays or celebrating diversity approaches and that sets as its goal the establishment and maintenance of equitable and just learning environments for all students. We are looking for contributions that push the boundaries of intercultural and multicultural education, that draw on analyses of systemic inequities, that engage critical theories. We are interested, as well, in research articles that critically analyze dominant intercultural education discourses, policies, and practices especially those that may contribute to inequities rather than eliminating them”.
Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Colonizing practice and policy analyses of supposedly intercultural or multicultural education practice or policy that reifies existing social orders
  • The corporatization and militarization of public schools
  • Critical analyses of popular existing programs and approaches to intercultural or multicultural education
  • Intersectionality of social justice issue, and particularly intersections of class and poverty with race, ethnicity, gender, (dis)ability, and other identities
  • Globalization and educational marginalization.

Articles are sought from an international range of authors from the intercultural education and social justice fields.Expressions of intent to submit, with a 50-word maximum description of the proposed topic and focus should be submitted to Paul C. Gorski and follow the submission guidelines.
Deadline for manuscript submission is November 15, 2008.