Call for chapters: South Asian mothering

The Association for Research on Mothering (ARM) has posted a call for chapters for an edited collection by Demeter Press. The editor is Jasjit Kaur Sangha and the book is expected to be published in 2011. An excerpt from the call:

South Asian culture reveres mothers for being selfless, nurturing, and devoted to their family. This reverence predicates that women will find fulfillment in mothering, and that mothering will occur in the context of a heterosexual family. This edited collection seeks to unravel the complexity of South Asian mothering by asking: What does it mean to be a South Asian mother? How do embedded cultural values influence South Asian mothering practices? How are South Asian mothers affected by the process of migration?
The aim of this collection is to initiate dialogue on the paradoxical experience of South Asian mothering. Theoretical, narrative and arts-informed creative submissions are welcome.

Topics can include (but are not limited to) South Asian mothering and: Religion and spirituality; Migration; Activism and resistance; Sexuality; Queer mothering; Feminism; Oppression; Interracial/Intercultural relationships; Language; Extended families; Arranged marriage; Sharam and izzat.
Submission guidelines: 250 abstract deadline Nov 1/09. Deadline for final papers, March 7/10.
For more information and to submit proposals to Jasjit Kaur Sangha