Best Start Resource Centre annual conference (Toronto)

Best Start: Ontario’s Maternal, Newborn and Child Development Resource Centre (BSRC) is holding their annual conference Feb 23-25/09 in Toronto. Of interest to readers, these two workshops (descriptions taken from the conference website):

Giving Birth in a New Land, with Saleha Bismilla, Toronto Public Health

The changing demographics of Ontario have an impact for service providers such as nurses, physicians, midwives, and community workers who work in reproductive health. Women from diverse cultural backgrounds may have different needs and expectations when accessing health services. Service providers should be sensitive to these needs and can help women and their partners to prepare for having a baby in Ontario. 

Child Language Development in Bilingual or Multilingual Environments, with Laurie-Ann Staniforth, First Words

This concurrent session will provide an overview of normal child language development in bilingual or multilingual environments. Bilingualism in the context of language delay or disorder will also be discussed. This session will include practical considerations for service providers such as issues to consider and how to work with and support bi- and multilingual children and families.