Baby wants to learn your language

The Best Start Resource Centre, a program of Health Nexus Sant√©, has release a new informational brochure in PDF entitled “Baby Wants…” with colourful pictures and short descriptions addressing babies basic developmental needs. One of these is “Baby wants to learn your language”.

“Baby wants … to learn your language.
“Babies may begin to learn two languages right from birth. Learning two or more languages is not only a skill for later life, but can also help your baby to be connected to his family, his culture and other cultures. Toddlers who are starting to talk may mix up the two languages a little. This is normal. Over time, the children will learn to speak well in the languages they are exposed to. It is important to provide lots of opportunities in both languages.
“Here are some suggestions that may help your child use two languages in daily life:

  • “Visit your local library and ask for books or tapes in the languages you speak in your home. Read these books to your child.
  • “Participate in community events and programs that celebrate your language and cultural heritage. Many Ontario Early Years Centres offer resources in many languages and opportunities to meet with others from your community that share your language.
  • “Join parent groups where your language is spoken or start your own group.

“Remember, the best thing you can do to help your child learn two languages is to talk, sing and play in the language that comes most naturally to you. You will help your baby feel proud of your language and culture”.