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This blog was first set up in the fall of 2007 as a volunteer contribution to the now defunct Canadian Coalition for Immigrant Children and Youth (CCICY).  As of November 3, 2008, the blog is a solo passion and not affiliated in any way with the CCICY. I do not receive funding Рand never have Рfrom the CCICY or any other source.
If I was launching the blog today, I’d call it something else to be more inclusive. migrantchildren.ca? migrantandrefugeechildren.ca? cdnimmcdnrfgchildren.ca?
I am solely accountable for posts and links. I post on news, current issues, new initiatives, conference announcements, recent research and reports that may be of interest to others who are studying, working with or researching immigrant children/family issues. Posts do not necessarily reflect personal endorsement.


Child, Interrupted: International adoption in the context of Canadian policy on immigration, multiculturalism, citizenship, and child rights.
Anti-bias tool for early childhood care and learning programs.
Contrived or inspired: Ability/disability in the children’s picture book.

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Z Sonia Worotynec

  • MA Immigration and Settlement Studies
  • Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion
  • Certificate in Refugees and Forced Migration