A little bird told me: My top 10 tweeps on immigration, multiculturalism, citizenship, diversity, & inclusion

Starting today, immigrantchildren.ca is running a series of top ten twitter accounts – those that I follow to keep up with news, information and resources on immigration, multiculturalism, citizenship, diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. The twitter URL will be listed, along with any official description provided by the tweeter(s), or my own synopsis, if there isn’t an official bio. Let me know who I’m missing!
This week:
Top 10 Canadian organizations

  1. http://twitter.com/maytree_canada ~ Maytree Canada. “Promoting equity and prosperity with a focus on immigration, integration and diversity”.
  2. http://twitter.com/ICCICC ~ The Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Putting the culture in multiculturalism.
  3. http://twitter.com/canimmigrant ~ Canadian Immigrant magazine. Lots of info.
  4. http://twitter.com/cdnexperience ~ “News & info for unique civic literacy project – 52-week Canadian series for all Canadians. Launching May 2010″. Fun, interesting and useful.
  5. http://twitter.com/ccrweb ~ Canadian Council for Refugees. “The Canadian Council for Refugees is committed to the rights and protection of refugees in Canada and around the world”. Not just refugees, the CCR also tweets on immigration generally.
  6. http://twitter.com/imminewscda ~ “Offering a wide range of current news articles about immigration issues in Canada”. Not a lot of followers yet, but promising.
  7. http://twitter.com/issbc ~ Immigrant Services Society of BC. “Helping immigrants build a future in Canada with ESL, settlement and career services”. Good info for newcomers, and those who work with them.
  8. http://twitter.com/LoonLounge ~ The Loon Lounge: “LoonLounge is a place to meet people and learn about life in Canada and the Canadian immigration experience”. Good tweets for newcomers.
  9. http://twitter.com/rdrpeel ~ Regional Diversity Roundtable, Region of Peel. “A network of organizations and institutions committed to building inclusion and diversity competence that results in the institutionalization of equity in their core values, structures, workforce, policies and services”.
  10. http://twitter.com/MosaicInstitute ~ The Mosaic Institute: “Harnessing Diverse Resources for International Peace and Development”. New-ish, not a lot of tweets, but potentially very interesting.

Next in this series, the top ten individuals I follow. Could you be one of them?