A little bird told me II: My top 10 individual tweeps to follow

This is my next installment of “A Little Bird Told Me”, a series of of the top ten twitter accounts that I follow to keep up with news, information and resources on immigration, multiculturalism, citizenship, diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. The twitter URL will be listed, along with any official description provided by the tweeter(s), or my own synopsis, if there isn’t an official bio.
Let me know who I’m missing!

  1. http://twitter.com/marcopolis ~ Marco Campana. “I post about social media in social services/for social change, immigration, integration and diversity issues in Toronto, Ontario, Canada”. If you care about immigration/settlement issues, you need to follow @marcopolis.
  2. http://twitter.com/MinJK ~ the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. MinJK, nick-named Curry-in-a-Hurry, due to his many appearances at cultural events across the country, used to tweet a lot. Now, not so much? Maybe because @CitImmCanada, the official government department is tweeting? (NB: I also follow all of the members of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration who are on twitter).
  3. http://twitter.com/nicknoorani ~ Nick Noorani, the man behind canadianimmigrant.
  4. http://twitter.com/gaystephenson ~ Gay Stephenson, the “Online communications manager at People for Education”
  5. http://twitter.com/DrEricHoskins ~ Ontario’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (and co-founder of War Child).
  6. http://twitter.com/timhudak ~ “Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party and MPP for Niagara West Glanbrook”. Mr. Hudak is also the PC critic for citizenship and immigration.
  7. http://twitter.com/IrshadManji ~ “Director, Moral Courage Project @ NYU”. Author of The Trouble with Islam. Although she currently lives and works in the US, she’s Canada’s answer to Camille Paglia (talks and thinks fast and is provocative and funny).
  8. http://twitter.com/SamanthaNutt ~ “Founder and Executive Director of War Child North America. Assistant Prof at UofT. Public speaker, writer, activist and squeeky wheel”. Good tweets with an international persepctive.
  9. http://twitter.com/georgefwill ~ “The unofficial George F Will. Conservative columnist, television personality and author”. Brilliant, articulate and insightful pundit, offering US perspectives.
  10. http://twitter.com/rickmercer ~ because who in Canada doesn’t follow Rick Mercer?

The first “A Little Bird Told Me”, was my top ten Canadian organization tweeps.